After spending two nights in DC, I was off to Philadelphia in search of cheese steaks and hippos. The traffic was stressful. I remember speaking to Angela on the phone and she mentioned it was probably everyone heading back to Philly from the Jersey Shore.

My response? “That’s a thing?”

I also dodged several calls and texts from my mom inquiring to my where abouts because I’m 31. I can go wherever I want to go. But I’m safe. I just can’t drive in bumper to bumper traffic and talk in my ‘nice’ voice.

I hadn’t seen Angela in about seven years. She remains one of my closest friends from the group of women I consider my family from college. It was a much needed visit on both our parts.

Angela and I rocked out to some music as we cruised to downtown Philly to hang out for the night. Angela’s friend Vince proved to be a wealth of knowledge and led us on a quick city tour as we made our way from one bar to another in search of cheese steak. We walked through Elfreth’s Alley. The oldest alley in the USA and other historical sites. We hit up Sonny’s Philly Cheese Steaks. It was delicious. We visited other areas of the city bar hopping. It was a great night out with my friend and her friends.

The next morning Ang and I set out for the Camden Aquarium and the hippos! We fed sting rays, observed the lethargic hippos who only really moved to replenish their source of oxygen, and avoided several small children on field trips.

After the aquarium, we visited probably my favorite stop on the trip – The Magic Gardens on South Street. Philly Magic Garden  The garden is the main exhibit of the mosaic artwork of Isiah Zagar, however you can displays of his throughout the city.

I also took my favorite photo of the trip there. Ang and I walked up and down South St. a little more and got ourselves stupid sick eating at this place called Ishkabibbles … ya we shoulda known.