My pinterest is becoming overrun with London lists, the spare room in my house has transformed into a staging area for packing, and the countdown is on. My trip abroad is less than a month away.

I still get giddy when I casually mention that I’ll be in London and Paris. I finished shopping today with a cute dress for tea at One Aldwych.  It’s pretty fantastic looking, the tea. Not the dress. Although the dress is adorable too.


The best part about this trip is the actual -lack- of anxiety that I’m feeling. I think part of that can be attributed to the fact that I’m going alone and I’m not relying on anyone to be there for accommodations and such. I’ve got a few tours picked out. I’m taking a mega tour of London, the Paris day trip, and a haunted London tour. It will leave me with one full day to explore on my own.

I’ve got the cell phone thing figured out. I’ve got transportation figured out. I’ve got everything pretty much figured out, and I feel great.

I was a bit emotional a few weeks back because I can’t help thinking about how far I’ve come from the person I was even four years ago. This trip … going abroad, overseas, Europe, has been a LIFE LONG dream. It’s one I never thought I’d realize. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, sadness for so long. I’ve busted my ass in the last few years to try and become a happy, healthy functioning adult. I can remember when I moved home from Boston back in 2012, how much of a struggle it was for me just to get out of bed. And now I wake up every morning happy (relatively) and with purpose. I have attained every single goal I’ve set for myself. And this is just the beginning.