I had myself a quick solo mini adventure this weekend and it was amazing. There have been more than a few obstacles in my personal life in the last two weeks. This weekend had been set aside for the Reeve Carney concert at The Abbey in Orlando and Food & Wine Fest at Epcot.

One of those two things didn’t happen. Two of those things almost didn’t happen.

My original plans involved one of my best friends who owns his own business, and due to that, sometimes our plans fall through. They fell through. I almost balked and scrubbed my plans to see Reeve. The concert tickets were only $10 a piece. And due to stressors, anxiety and depression in my personal life, curling up in bed this weekend to spend some quality time with the Salvatore brothers and Vampire Diaries on Netflix sounded extremely appealing. And then I realized — If i can’t handle a concert by myself, the hell am I doing going to Europe by myself! Geronimo’s the way.

I booked myself a hotel room a mere 5-minute walk from The Abbey. I’m quite thankful I have a job now that allows me to do so on a whim. I couldn’t do that when I waited tables. And I set off on the turnpike. I witnessed a pretty horrific accident en route to Orlando that left me in tears. I’ve yet to make it through 10 days in a row without crying, but I’ll be OK.

Let me just tell you — Reeve Carney puts on an AMAZING live show. His album is on iTunes.  He’s listed as ‘alternative’ but I wouldn’t classify him as that. It’s more bluesy, folksy, he sings from the soul and heart and is very melodic and piano guitar heavy. He co-starred on Penny Dreadful, a Taylor Swift video, my dreams nightly, and starred as The Amazing Spiderman on Broadway. His voice on the album does not do him justice live. He was playful, interactive with the crowd, and so so so humble. When he sings, he goes somewhere else. You can see how soulful he is, and how connected with his music he is. It’s beautiful. He met all of his fans at his merch table at the end of the show for pictures and autographs. The fact that the venue was intimate and not super crowded really added to the vibe of the show. It was the first time in weeks I’ve been able to just let go and relax, and breathe.

My favorite Reeve song is Geronimo — which he didn’t play last night. “When your heart is afraid, Geronimo’s the way.” That’s my motto.  My whole life has changed in the last five years. Feel the fear and do it anyway. That song pulls at my soul.

I wanted to write about it. And share my photos and I hope he sees them.