15055784_10105798729426592_4548350375789760392_n.jpgTwas the the night before travel
And all through the house
Not a person was lurking
Not my mom nor her spouse.

My dog she was snoring
Breathing deeply by my side
Visions of catching lizards
Playing behind her closed eyes.

When from the spare room arose an odd racket
It was my empty luggage calling, sad I hadn’t begun to pack it.

Ok, but really. It’s 1 AM. I technically haven’t begun to pack yet. I’ve managed to throw the things I want to pack on the bed in the spare room. That’s close enough. I have most of the day tomorrow to pack. I’m not … super worried.

My mom threw me a surprise party tonight. It was a combo Birthday / Going Away Bon Voyage deal. It was ridiculously thoughtful and awesome. It was part Paris and part London, and wholly awesome.

I decided to upgrade my seats on the flight over to London, because why not. I also decided to book a car service to and from the airport to my hotel with My London Taxi.  Because why not? I think I’m most excited about having my name on a board.

I will be tweeting, Instagramming, snap chatting my trip, so stay tuned for that. I’m going to try and get some sleep.