I had trouble getting my keyboard and WordPress to sync together well, and I was also exhausted at the end of the day. I didn’t end up posting while I was away, so I will post now retroactively. I’ve just spent about three hours editing photos from my FIRST day in London. I loved it. The city is absolutely beautiful and ripe with history. It’s the sort of thing you just really don’t see here in the states. You might find it in Philly or Boston or DC. Which might have been why I was drawn to living in Boston way back when.

My flight over to London was uneventful. I should have taken a picture of the airline food but I didn’t want to be that girl. Next time, I’ll be that girl. It was some weird curry chicken thing with mush and veggies. I was told it was couscous? But from my dedication to the show Chopped, it definitely was not in fact couscous. In addition, there was a roll, crackers, cheese, a “salad” which consisted of a few leaves of lettuce and two giant tomato wedges. An overcompensatingly large side of caesar dressing accompanied said ‘salad’. There was a lovely prawn appetizer with cocktail sauce and a brownie dessert. I saved the brownie. Again, the flights were pretty uneventful. I flew from Ft. Lauderdale to Atlanta, and naturally, the international gate is on the clear opposite end of the airport so I had to all but run from one end to other as I had a mere 20 minutes between flights by the time everyone had gotten off the plane. I was glad I had paid for the SKYY extra comfort seat with guaranteed overhead space, comfort kit (ear plugs, sleep mask, toothbrush, world’s tiniest toothpaste, ear buds, hot towel service, and unlimited booze service).

I only had two or three “Holy Shit, I’m actually flying to another country all by myself because I wanted to” moments. And I only forgot to pack a hairbrush and an umbrella.