Or … the most passive aggressive tour guide ever.

Day 2.

The best of London Tour! Or… perfectly adequate views of some of the sights of London tour as I call it. It was fine. But I wouldn’t call it the best. The tour guide was … sassy for a middle-aged British dude. His comments were for sure aimed at me. But I can take photos and listen simultaneously …cheeky entitled American. I’ll let the photos do the talking.

I visited St. Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, cruised the River Thames, Greenwich, and took a ride on the Eye. There are a few shots in from the bus as well.

St. Paul’s was … beautiful. Buckingham Palace was entertaining. There were heads of state arriving in the carriages and tourists about lost their minds over it. The Tower of London was massive. I had no clue how large it was. I have so many more photos but I tried to pick my favorites, and just I played with the color levels on some. As a big fan of Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and the Tudors, I loved seeing the birth place of Henry the VIII.