And eat ice cream for Thanksgiving dinner.

After waking up at 6:30 am on Tuesday, and 4:30 am on Wednesday, I ended up sleeping until just about noon on Thursday. I struggled internally with wanting to go out and explore and being just too damn tired to do so. I decided that I would be no good sight seeing if I was exhausted and I let myself sleep.

When I finally was dressed and ready to go, I set out in search of …


Harrods is huge. No, really. Even with a map, I had to go back twice in order to find the ice cream parlor. There were several eateries in the lower levels, a produce store, butchery, raw bar, etc. Holy cow. Huge. Store. I did find the ice cream parlor. So, I present to you my delicious Thanksgiving dinner …. A Creme Brûlée  Doughnut with Chocolate, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Raspberry Gelato.  Yeah, it was good.


Before I had returned to Harrod’s in search of ice cream, I had walked around Hyde Park and had lunch at the Hard Rock. I didn’t fare so well with the British cuisine. I’m a bit of a picky eater, so I tried to find American type restaurants.

I zipped back to my hotel and changed so I could meet my friend Rob and his fiance Laura out for some Cheeky Nandos!

Cheeky Nando’s is a British expression typically used on social media to describe a quality dining experience at the South African restaurant chain Nando’s. In late 2014, the phrase began trending in captions of selfie photographs featuring subjects making an “A-OK” hand signal.”

They introduced me to my  new favorite food : Halloumi Cheese! I was a bit surprised I enjoyed, because again, picky eater. But it’s freaking delicious.

Rob and Laura also introduced me to my first proper pub, the Nag’s Head. I ordered our drinks from the bartender, paid, WITHOUT tipping. That still feels unnatural!

After the pub, Rob and Laura walked me to this club called Cahoots! I saw it on Buzzfeed. It’s 1940s-themed and has an old railcar in the actual bar. The interior design was pretty cool. The bouncer out front – super hot. It wasn’t as busy inside as I thought it would be but everyone played up the ’40s theme. This was my third encounter with the foam thing on top of the drinks.

I didn’t take many pictures on Thursday. It was really my first day to catch up on things. But I enjoyed getting out and walking around. The underground system in London is extremely accessible and easy to follow. I ended up getting out of the bar super late and I grabbed an Uber. It would have been 9 pounds, but I had a coupon, still that wasn’t a bad deal.