The word summer written in the sand on a beach

I need to get better at updating. I had a small staycation in April that I didn’t post about, but I will upload those pictures this week. School has been out for an entire week. I’ve spent roughly $1600 in that time frame. Ha. $1200 of it is my trip to Chicago that’s coming up in a few weeks. Florida is a monsoon magnet in the summer. After I’m done with the gym and picking up the house, I usually either watch a movie or … go shop. I need to quell that urge soon. I have a mini adventure planned for the end of the month – Shark Diving! Hopefully, I’ll be able to take some underwater shots. I debated getting a GoPro, but I’m not sure if that’s a purchase I want to make.

I’ve decided to focus on improving myself as much as I can in the next two months, in addition to any traveling. The gym has become my new hang out spot. I was stressing towards the end of May. What was I going to do for 9 weeks off? But I feel much calmer and focused now. I hit the gym five days this week. And I’m finding little things to fill my day. I’m also going to volunteer at the local animal shelter. AND excitingly, I’m taking up dance classes again.

My (so far) big adventure this summer: Chicago.


I’d contemplated going to Chicago for spring break, but that didn’t happen.

I’m spending 5 nights in the Windy City. What are some of the things you all like to do in Chicago?
I’m definitely going to:
☑ Take an architectural river cruise
☑ Visit the Shedd Aquarium
☑ Visit the Field Museum
☑ Try some recommended restaurants

Some friends have suggested purchasing a CityPass. It’s around $100 and grants VIP/Fast Pass access to the Hancock and Willis buildings, Aquarium, Museum and one other location.

There are a few friends from high school and college hanging around the city, so I’m hoping to see them as well.

Hope everyone’s summer is going amazingly. What kind of adventures are you going on?