And Transformers.  I haven’t quite been in Chicago for a full day, yet all I can think of as I wander around are the Christian Bale Batman movies and Transformers. The tower that got destroyed in Transformers is visible from my hotel. The other buildings and scenery from Batman are all around. I’m ready to start truly exploring tomorrow. I took it easy today, as I’d been up since quarter to five. The Hard Rock Hotel is…OK. I think I was rather spoiled at Hard Rock Orlando, and I was expecting the Chicago location to meet or beat that experience. But it’s fine. I have a gigantic bed all to myself. I took a walk to Walgreens to grab some water and snacks for breakfast. After that, I crashed. A nice nap left me feeling refreshed and ready to go seek out Au Cheval. I will say this upfront – “I am Jenn and I don’t typically eat burgers.” I’m super picky. The only burgers I really love are the little sliders from Yard House, add bacon, add bbq sauce. But my friends who suggested Au Cheval did not steer me wrong. The diner typically is on long waits in the evening. The couple in front of me was quoted an hour and a half. Ayyy! Solo traveler perks! I waited a little over five minutes to snatch a seat at the counter. I ordered a Raspberry Cider and the ‘Single’ with bacon.


Welllllllll, the single is actually a double. The first bite was perfect. The bun was buttery and lightly toasted, the cheese melty, a burst of freshness from the pickle. I ate half and was already stuffed.



I wasn’t done though. I had seen pictures of their Mille Feuille. Deciding to leave the half-eaten dessert behind was one of the toughest decisions of the summer. The pastry was crisp and the light, the vanilla filling, I have no words. The server brought it out and gave it a giant whack with the steak knife.  This picture is pre-whack.  (Photos from google image search, as I was too busy eating to take pictures.


I would definitely recommend checking out Au Cheval.

Tomorrow’s agenda includes a river architecture tour and the Shedd aquarium.

I’ll be busting out the camera.